So i am here talking about MY DREAM ! My dream is to become a A&F Model , and i just went to Google-d what is the requirements . The Requirements is that you have to be good looking , have good figures and about 5’9 feet ! And the Requirements for part-time are  : Positive outlook , Diversity Awareness , Integrity , Applied Learning , Passion for the brand , Work Ethic & Communication skills . Omg i am sure going to be one when i grow up ! okay bye .


//Ps all this photos are taken from A&F websites //




So today is the last day of school & work starting next Tuesday , and i am gonna get money . Woohoo . And since today is the last day of school , i went around hugging people . I like to hug somchai , my thaiboy/good friend , because he too cute . Hehe , LOL BYE .

Don’t you just think that people in this motherfucking social are mean ?

What to expect for the future .

So future . having been thinking for the past few days and Poly is what i am expecting to go into in a few years time . With a L1R5, 14 and below , that i can go to the course i wanted . 14 @ this speed is so difficult to reach . And i will deal with it during the upcoming holiday to study harder than usual for my ‘N’s . And hopefully i can take designing course . XX