Embarrassing moments of my life

Hello , since 2012 is about to end in a few hours time .And i’m like the only one not counting down for 2013 like drinking or partying or on drugs.  I WOULD LIKE TO TALK ABOUT MY EMBARRASSING MOMENT OF MY 15 YEARS OF LIFE .

*not in any orders*

1. Shouted ‘PENIS’ super loudly during school Musical and got caught by Mr Ng & Mr Phua .

2. Cried during Netball world companionship NOT because Singapore lost but i did not went for my Math Exam in school .

3.Entered the Movie theater and started screaming ‘MARIANNE’ name loudly because we are the first to entered .

4. Skip is James , WRONG ITS DANIEL .

5. Cried on the way home and the little boy beside me just have to laugh at me .

okay , maybe 5 is enough . BYE , X .



DSCN1588DSCN1597DSCN1610DSCN1614DSCN1617DSCN1629DSCN1631DSCN1638DSCN1641DSCN1642DSCN1643DSCN1644hello , currently replaying ‘i knew you were trouble’ cause it is kinda addictive even thou i don’t really like Taylor Swift . Today was not really my day cause people at home just pisses me off and i’m having a bad cramp . So i went to the zoo to visit some animals , maybe my animal kingdom . And it went out so badly cause my sister Rach bring her friends along and it is awkward , and my another sister belinda piss me off so badly with this sentence ‘heck care her lah , she having PMS’ but seriously i am having my bloody period . k whatever . I AM CUTTING MY HAIR TMR , SAY GOODBYE TO MY BEAUTIFUL GREEN HAIR .

x byeImageImageImage


Hi , Kinda lazy to type this few days . AND THE WORST I AM DOING NOTHING . Gonna do some homework and sewing tomorrow i guess , & running man . Went OM today again to spent my money , is a good best anyway . LOVE 121212121212 OKAY , CAUSE I SPENT IT W MARY AND AIDA . Really want the Topshop shirt before flying off , really wish to buy it . Okay , bye . Mary the scaring me off with her smiley .


HOHOHO, ITS DECEMBER BABY . Currently starting my December with Red Riding Rood , this show is kinda creepy . I CAN’T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS . HEHEHEHHEHE . I want NERF GUNS & A TW SHIRT & maybe A PAIR OF RED DOC MARTENS ? 


Maybe ending the post with a pic of WESLEY STROMBERG will be great 🙂Image