Catching fire as awesome as f . Watch it 4.5/5 , almost perfect 



Prom la prom


Prom , one of the best night ever .

Enjoyed myself especially with my table people and Bffs ! Love the part when the boys come down from the white limo , it just feels like the Stars Award ! Ivan started adjusting their suit once he stepped out of the limo and weijie adjust hair as he walk up the stairs . HAHAH just imagine guys , it is so funny!! LOVE SIMRAN AND AIDA SO MUCH HEHEHHEHEHHEHEHE .


P/s fucking got a flu after prom .

Sea Aquarium

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImagewhen Sea Aquarium the other day and it was awesome ! Totally worth the money , go and see the fishes and jellyfishs ! Can’t wait for prom , hehe so dayum excited for it ! And have been working extra hard these days to earn extra pocket money for myself , to get some new shit . Wish me luck guys hehe .  Byex

holiday October

hi guys, too lazy to write so pictures will be uploaded instead , as usual . And i ended my N’s & O’s papers ,currently working right now can’t for my pay .

Day out with Nuisance Lo

Image‘Class’ BBQ



Halloween @ woodgrove .