staycay with my babes








No longer having our daily gossips together
No more having breaks together
No more doing RJ together
No more giving up in life together
No more cursing about dr kwok together
No more skipping class together
No more pang game
No more going to school late and seeing you puffballs faces
and no more panging me

A two days one night stay-cation with my babes, before flying off to japan and before the start of semester 2!
U puffballs are always taking care of me, cleaning up my shit and all!!!! Thank you. (will always miss the good old times)



Today marks the day of a brand new semester, where I no longer have my old classmates with me. Which means I have to step out of my comfort zone, start making new friends and adapt to the new environment.
Most of my friends who know me really well will know that I actually talk a lot and be really loud. (At times, I talk so much that my friends will ask me to stfu :))
But when I meet new people, I tend to be shy and awkward because I do not have the guts to start conversations. So I just kept quiet and let the day pass by. (Which kind of happened today!)
I don’t know why but it just make me feel really shy and awkward!!!!! And when I meet people in a really big crowd (LIKE FOP), I’ll get panic attack (which happened during FOP LOL, that’s why I was so clingy to Aiden for that 2 days and I had to make friends because I was left alone at day 3 cause we are separated into our modules)

I’m actually sorry for feeling like this.

Part of me want to tell you how much I miss you but the other part of me want to keep cool and pretend I don’t care about anything (especially u).