second part of the late post n here it is: Australia part 2 – Sydney!

  • Fifth day (1st day in Sydney)
  • After 13 hours of train ride, we finally reached central railway station!! We settled down at our Airbnb before heading out to grab brunch at the grounds of Alexandria!! (super pretty)

– museum of contemporary art

– Sydney harbor bridge n Sydney opera house

  • Sixth day

Cali press (acai bowl) – bondi beach – target n coles

  • seventh day

– Sydney fish market

The oysters damn fresh and it is not that expensive for a dozen!!! It’s the best among all the other food we got, don’t waste your money on the sushi donut???

– DFO Homebush

Don’t waste time, it literally have nothing much!! Birkenhead would be a better choice!

  • Ninth day

It’s their Easter? Basically everything is close, but we still go ahead, try our luck n went to brikenhead!!! But yeah it’s closed : )

That’s basically about it for the day, I think we went to get ice cream at aqua s!!!

  • Tenth day

the very last day tgt : ( we went back to Sydney fish market to get the oysters n some lobster rolls before we get back to sg!! Also, did a last minute shopping at coles. Yeah this sums up the entire trip.

it have been a great 10days trip with y’all, especially Isaac since I got to sleep with him and listen to him snore really loudly everyday! Good to know that you’re alive hehe!!!! Till next time friends!

x deon



super late post but here it is: Australia part 1 – Melbourne!!

  • First day – Reached Melbourne n we went for our breakf/lunch at auction!! (quite pricy)

Followed by the state library of Victoria, we went without Isaac because he got diarrhea!!!

  • Second day

Went to Queen Victoria market just to see see look look, I don’t recall doing anything fancy besides eating fish n chips!!! Anyways moving to the next location – snider lane!!!!

– sinders lane

Also went to find em n kim, it was a long walk!!! n the place happened to be a rubbish dump sad….. (quite ghetto)

– Brighton beach boxes

(Really damn hot, Idk why I even wear sweater…?)

– st kilda

went to st kilda to see penguins but I didn’t managed to see it but I think xin n jane did!!!

  • Third day

Erm it was a pretty late day so we only went to DFO south wharf n playtime at crown!!

  • Forth day

12 apostles – loch n gorge – Apollo bay beach – great ocean road!! I’m not sure if the name of these places are correct but should be right!! : )

Anyways, we paid about 80$SGD for the trip n it was really really cold!!!

  • Fifth day: moving to Sydney!!! Melbourne u have been nothing but great, perfect weather imy!!!

– pancake parlor

– Bourke street

n we headed to the southern cross railway station to take our 13hours train ride to Sydney!!! the 13hours is not that bad, it went by pretty fast 🙂

oh btw, our Airbnb was awesome!!!!

x deon


freshly out of the plane n exploring Kyoto!!!

First stop – ok actually I don’t remember where I went but here are some of the pictures!!

Second stop – Arashiyama bamboo cove

We literally spent our whole day dressing up in kimono and spending the rest of the day there!

I look like my sister’s aunt!!! damn old HAHAHA

Third stop – Nishiki market and moving to Osaka! Kyoto u have been nothing but really really really cold. I had a lot of seafood at nishiki market but I didn’t took photo of any so 🙂

Fourth stop – Osaka castle and dontonbori!!

Damn sad that I lost this black beret 😦 RIP BLACK BERET


Fifth stop – USJ, spent the entire day there n you just got to leave by this whenever you visit a theme park – single rider queue is the new express queue!

Sixth stop – Nissin cup noodles museum, Kobe – Chinatown, donki!

Seventh stop – Onsen n shinsaibashi street

Shoutout to all the vintage n thrift stores, y’all are just amazing and u got my heart woohoo!!!

Japan i love you because your Macdonald breakfast serve nuggets as a side dish n you will always have a place in my heart!!! Till next time osaka!!! 🙂

x deon

blessed up

Thanks everyone for the well wishes n everyone who celebrated my birthday with me, it was more than what I asked for!!!

Never thought that I would love past this age but I’m glad that I did to see what it actually holds for me! My entire life I have been really lucky and fortunate to meet every single one of you – those who are still here, those who have left, who taught me so so so much! Thank you.

shoutout to the family for making everything here possible!!! Also missing out one of my sister, thanks yall for the amazing cake n cupcakes!!!

so so so so much love for these people who gave me nothing but tons of love n affection despite laughing at my life n bulling me all the time!!!!! tbh this is way too much for my birthday 😦 still super duper thankful for y’all!!!!!!!!! would trade nothing in the world for y’all

ok I didn’t take photo with the rest who celebrated my bday, so here’s a shoutout:

@/Alex, shirley, joce, Timmy n ning

Thanks for celebrating my actual bday at zouk, it was such a memorable night where I actually experienced my first ever blacked out 🙂 hehe luv luv!!!!

@/Justin, Jon, Darius, Pradeep, Joel Lim, Joel pua

Thanks for being my foundation n pls love n dote on me more!!! #stopbullying2k18!!!!


what a ride.

Thankful for everything, for everyone.

“Nothing will ruin your 20s more than you thinking you should have your life together already.”




Just look at all these trashy people getting on the plane to Korea! Took a night flight and touched down early in the morning around 5AM, which was too early to even function.

  • First stop: Hongdae

First day – We took the express train (TRX) directly to Seoul!!! Then headed to our Airbnb located at Hyochang park, left our luggages there and went to this nearby shop, for some really spicy beef stew 🙂 It was a bright and sunny Monday morning & the place was pretty empty.

  Then we headed to Itaewon, n visited some cafes such as KakaoTalk and Line before it rains 🙂

 Second stop: Gyeongbok palace

Second day – We first headed to get ourselves some Ginseng chicken, located at Tosokchon Samgyetang before heading to the palace!

Directions: Gyeongbok Palace station, exit 2 – walk straight – once see GS 25 (convenience store) at left hand side turn left – will see traditional house at the back of GS25 – there is usually long queue. Now the real deal: Gyeongbok palace

We rented our hanbok at some random shop near the ginseng chicken place! 4hours for 15,000won (~SGD$18)

There was no entry fee for those who wore the costume because it was there Chuseok festival!!! (Entry fee: 3,000won, ~SGD$3)


After the palace photo shoot, we headed to Myeoungdong to end our night!

At Myeoungdong, is where you will be able to see lots of cosmetic brands and buildings that satifised all cosmetic lovers!!

  Obviously, we have to visit the stylenanda cafe!

      Third stop: Everland

Third day – We took this direct bus from Gangnam station, if I’m not wrong. Bus Fare: 2,500 Won

We then settled for some KBBQ at Gangnam!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn hungry as I’m writing this

Also, went to the popular KAKAOTALK store.


  • Fourth stop: one in a million cafe

 Fourth day – it was pretty chill, so we just went to some cafes and went grocery shopping . And headed to the club later at night!!

Location for one in a million:

684-62 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Opening hours: 12pm – 11pm (Monday – Saturday), 12pm – 930pm (Sunday)

Station: Hangangjin Station Exit 3, Line 6
Edit   random aesthetics photos of this adidas store:

     Must try – Shake Shack


Fifth – club octagon n club MU:IN


Popular among tourists, I guess? Located at Gangnam, Is like Singapore’s zouk, plays more of EDM music. Entrance fee are priced at 30,000won (~$36SGD)

Club MU:IN

Located at Gangnam too. Is like Singapore’s club cherry!!!! That plays more of hip hop n r&b kind of music, pretty chill n small place. Entrance free are priced at 10,000won (~$12)

ok bye, delayed pretty long but it is finally up!!

Also, shoutout to my seouljubombbabies for making this trip happened, could not have happened without y’all!! Love u guys n missing the weather 😦



that yellow paint;

Everything was a magical as I remembered it to be.

It had been an amazing journey together as u showed me nothing but love despite the ups and downs we have been through.

Things that we used to do, places where we used to visit, that scent and that familiarity, it just brings back good old memories and always will be.

I’m sorry that things haven’t worked out the way we (I) planned but I still hope for the best in the near future for you, me and us.
Will be away for a short well, till next.


Green carnival 

To the place where I found and form 7 years of friendship, that is going to last me for a lifetime.   

There are more who came back to school, but I didn’t have enough time to take with them!!

Till next, d

Before the new beginning 


Hello, so Y2S2 have officially ended and I’ll be starting my internship real soon (like in 3weeks time?) When I first saw the class list, I thought this class is going to be full of drama HAHAHA but to my (many) surprise, it isn’t.  Even though our class isn’t really bonded but I had fun with them as they are really funny and enjoyable people to hang with, yeah including bad vibes.  13 weeks just flew past like this and there are some I won’t be seeing till graduation day 😦 Hope everyone is doing their best and see y’all soon!! 

With love, d 





It was a 3 days 2 night trip to Penang, where I have to skip school which was pretty cool because I never once skipped school!!

Peace out, x