It was a 3 days 2 night trip to Penang, where I have to skip school which was pretty cool because I never once skipped school!!

Peace out, x



Perth bound 

 Currently back from my Student Overseas Trip (SOT) to Perth, a good 5 days 4 nights spent. 

Truly enjoyed myself with the company I have through out the whole trip and the weather was chilly amazing (5-16degree), even thou it was slight too rush and packed with schedules.

Anyway, I LOVE the farm stay!!! It was a whole new experience that I have never gotten before, such as the beautiful night sky filled with tons of stars, animal farm, fruits picking and the electric blankets :”) I was expecting a much more ulu Airbnb stay instead of the stay I had at the glory farm. TOTALLY WORTH EVERY CENT GOING TO THE FARM!!!!

While writing this I miss Perth, chasing the ducklings and the weather 😦

  •  First stop: kings park




  • Second stop: Frementle market



  • Third stop: wildlife rehabilitation centre


 We are here to know/learn about the rescued animals and clearing up their sleeping place, which is picking up twigs!! 

  • Perth’s room tour 


  • (Day 2) First stop: Curtin university




  • (Day 2) Second stop: Mudurah


 We went on this yacht to eat burrito wrap and watch Dolphins swim, while listening to the importance of leisure management!! (It was super cold)

  • (Day 2) Third stop: Perth CBD

  We went to target and get groceries, while eating honey creme!

  • (Day 3) First stop: Edith Cowan university 

(Day 3) Second stop: Yanchep national park and some cove     


  • (Day 4) First stop: house of honey

We are already at the farm…….   



  • (Day 4) second stop: glory farm





    Just look at how pretty the sky are and me,Ofc 

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